CS – Concept Art- Tests and Research – 7th Dec 15

Over the past few days I’ve been trying to get my team together since we have some new members, Andrew and Matthew.

Andrew and Matthew both uploaded a piece each with their interpretations of the city;

I tried to give Matthew some advice…no idea if i’m doing it right or not but I tried my best.


I’ve also been gathering more and more images on my pinterest and I found some really inspiring things while on the hunt for anything Neo Tokyo like. While in town two weeks ago I had a look through a magazine…can’t remember the exact name of it but I think it was a SciFi art magazine…It had two digital art pieces by Jonas De Ro which are similar to what I’d like the city to look like, brightly coloured and and neon at night.

I did a google search to find his website and got his DeviantArt (http://jonasdero.deviantart.com/) and website (http://www.jonasdero.com/). I was able to find the original pieces so I could see them better since I didn’t buy the magazine and I really like his work because of the composition of each piece and the detail in each. I think he uses a lot of the photos he takes and also sells some for others to use which i’m considering on buying since he has some really high quality images of Japan, Tokyo Cyberpunk pack https://gumroad.com/l/lojXM

While searching around I found a game called Cyberpunk 2077, I’ve never heard of it until now but the style of it quite similar and I kind like the idea of the people in our city being partially robotic…I guess this is a bit like Ghost in the Shell?


https://www.behance.net/gallery/Cyberpunk-2077/6573211 – I had a look at their behind the scenes video too (which you can find through that link) it showed some of their concept art and how they used 3D scanner to create the characters. I think the part I really like about this game is the colours, dark blues against neon colours.

While going through my tumblr I seen a post about a new season of clothing by the Japanese brand Niimi (Previously known as Buccal Cone). Their new designs are named “idol” and it “explores the Japanese concepts of moe, admiration, innocence, and idol worship.”(Tokyofashion.com 2015). Not only were some of the outfits kind of suited for this kind of city the promotional images were really interesting due to the angles they were taken at and again the colours but I also like the fact that it gives you the feel of it being from a game which I would expect since they were taken in Akihabara to enforce their concept of “Idol”.

Source: http://tokyofashion.com/japanese-fashion-niimi-idol/ 

During the weekend Andrew posted a piece of art which he didn’t know who done but it was quite relevant to us.


I managed to hunt down the person who made it and it turned out to be the Art Director of Big Hero 6, Scott Watanabe. I had a look round his Big Hero 6 tag and it had a lot of useful images I might use.

Source: http://scottwatanabe.tumblr.com/post/102397276945/some-really-early-to-production-art-of-san

Colour Palette – I made this colour palette based on photos of crystals I seen on tumblr. (source: http://attackonstudying.tumblr.com/post/134721556590/asylum-art-fuckyeahmineralogy-1-chalcopyrite The original poster deactivated their account so I had to just use the link for the person who reblogged it) 


Tests in photoshop – I decided to try and draw on black with the colours I saved. There isn’t too big of a difference between them but in the 2nd image I added a very light colour to the edges (almost white) to make it look like it’s glowing…I kind of like the idea of working colour onto black so when I eventually come to doing the final pieces I might incorporate this in. 

test test2

More research 

While searching for tutorials on neon lights and cities I came across Yuumei’s video tutorial Yuumei is kind of the main reason behind me getting hyped about this project but I entirely forgot about her at the start of my research…she made a comic a few years back which had a somewhat similar city going on in…it sort of reminds me of the city within 2NE1’s Come Back Home music video.  The comic: http://yuumei.deviantart.com/gallery/42604730/Fisheye-Placebo

Her deviantart: http://yuumei.deviantart.com/





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