CS – Mudbox – 3rd Dec 15



We started off today learning about Mudbox, I found it to be fun but when we had to model a sphere into a head I started to dislike it a bit because it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. I think I just need more practice with the tools and have more patience. There was times when it would look close to the way I wanted it but then I messed it up and had to undo it all again. When I get time I’m going to play about with it more because I think it would be pretty useful for me.

These are just some screenshots I took during the time of working on the head. I managed to get a some what decent nose but that took me ages to get right…I just really to practice with the tools more…

fail fail1 fail2 fail3

Also this is just a picture of the cube I played with in the beginning.


Later on in the day we were taught about tracking a scene for compositing. Alec showed us how to do 2D tracking and 3D tracking. I didn’t really pay much attention and I know I should have but I just wasn’t feeling great today and yeah…I can always have a look at the notes that’s on blackboard and stuff.


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