CS – Topology and Rigging class – 26th Nov 15


Today we were learning how to re-toplogize  a head. This is kind of easy but also quite hard…I messed up parts of it and didn’t really get it the same as the reference image but I tried and didn’t give for once.


In the end I got this. It’s not finished obviously but I think I did ok? Some parts obviously aren’t right but I tried.


Later on in the day Conann took us again for another rigging class. I didn’t understand some parts but I did follow along with what we were doing ok until my maya crashed…I had to use a copy of Oisin’s instead because I would have been really far behind if I tried to redo everything we had.

I didn’t really take many screenshots of the progress but here’s two sort of showing what we were doing.  We were trying to make an IK – FK switch and we were using the node editor to join things together. I find rigging to be really confusing…I should probably try things like this myself but I think I prefer just drawing.

ik node


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