CS – Team Meet up for Animation and Modelling + Concept Art Sketches- 23rd Nov 15

I finally met up with Animation and Modelling team. We talked about what we’d like to do and how we’re going to do everything.

We have to create a scene inspired by the concept art Alec has provided us with from the previous second years.  We really liked the idea of a  Sci Fi theme, we particularly liked James Dalton’s concept art but our idea isn’t really very similar to his art. Maybe we’ll get more inspired by another piece of art.

James’ Art (Source: http://jameshughdalton.com/onewebstatic/a229bc3752-1622294_600605553357269_1946553757_o.jpg)


Ideas they had last week:


Oisin also posted a really interesting vehicle from the 80s which I thought was kind of cool; 

It’s silly but kind of cool, it reminds me of the bikes in Akira but less cool.

Oisin decided he was going to have a go at actually modelling the bike from Akira with this tutorial;

I also found this really cool Bladerunner Sketchbook online which has the sketches and some art from the film in it

They liked my scene I made up myself for the concept art part of this module and we might use some parts of it for our final scene.


Concept art 

I got some advice from Pete about perspective drawing and such so I did a few sketches from my maya scene and just a street I made up.


I also done a few sketches the night before:




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