CS – Concept Art Scene in Maya – 22nd/23rd Nov 15

I started to work on my scene again in maya because I wanted to make it better and have more going on so after modelling the Japanese temple like building I decided to add frogs on top of it because of a piece of art which Siobhan made of what we call the “Frojo”. (seen below)


Below is just some rendered images of what I got done for now. I started to play around with the focal length of the camera and I got two really interesting ones for me to use for now. One makes the buildings really long and the other isn’t as exaggerated.

The first three just show me trying out different angles, the next few show the Japanese building and the “Frojo” then the last two just show me trying to adjust the ground so there is no space.  For the Japanese building I added a little banner like thing onto the front and round the side because it made it look more interesting. I found this hard to put on because the arrows for moving it weren’t at the object so it’s probably not on the building the best but I know there’s a simple way of fixing that and I really can’t think of what it is right now…I’ll ask someone on Tuesday about it.

I then added in 3 food stalls to my street because the building (below) was pretty bare.

f8 final1

Rendered shots of some things on their own.

fd fd1


Full view of the street so far. I did duplicate a few buildings just to have in the background but I think when I get time i’m going to go back and touch up mistakes and add in more buildings.

f8 f15 f17

So far i’m really happy with this. I didn’t really think I could make something look decent in maya since in the past I found it hard to make things, I’m getting somewhere…just got to have more faith in myself and not criticise things so much.

The buildings i’ve modelled so far are based on a range of images I sort of just looked at the ones on the first page of my google image search and just sort of made it up myself after looking at them. Probably not the best way to do things but this wasn’t meant to be a perfect replica or anything, was just meant to be something to help me get the hang of drawing streets and making up my own one. If there were any specific images I liked they’ll be on my pinterest.


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