CS – Trying out ideas – 17th Nov 15

I found this really interesting piece of art by the deviantArt user Danslider. I really like the colours he’s used and I thought the whole thing in general was really cool. So I decided to have a go at creating something somewhat similar just to see if I like the outcome.


Below is a collection of my versions I made.

I used a photo my mum took in New York and duplicated it to create one big image. I then cut out the central building from another photo she took and put it in the middle. I then just played about with photoshops filters. I decided to not use the filtered image (1st) and went with the original one I made. I used the spherize filter to create the illusion of the buildings curving. I done this because of an image Siobhan showed me from her pinterest board, which isn’t there now but it was a forced perspective like image maybe fish eye lense like? I also added in some prints I made during the summer to add in the affect of brush strokes and overlayed them.

The prints I used:

11737944_10206153370466518_8808300890387121751_nΒ Β 11745313_10206153081619297_2263280477582554845_n11693985_10206153370506519_1683613495488552008_n

This screenshot shows my layers of the image:


Here’s a piece of art Siobhan made:



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