CS – Modelling the street – 18th Nov 15

I can’t draw streets. This project is really challenging me which I think is good because it’s taking me away from just drawing heads and faces.

Anyway, based on the tutorial I found a few days ago I started to make a slightly more detailed street:

I don’t really like the buildings so I decided to head to my pinterest board and find some inspiration from Japanese streets.

This was my favourite so I had a go at modelling this but not an exact copy just something somewhat similar.


I started to play about with the angles of the camera because I wanted to make sure that it didn’t look good at only one angle like the previous one.

I then decided to add in a Japanese temple like building. I used this drawing as inspiration; (Source:Β http://suraj28.deviantart.com/art/Japanese-Temple-320885245)



So far I like how it looks. In the last image I added in a photo from my New York trip just for fun and to see what it would look like. I don’t know about the topology of my buildings but I think they’re reasonable for me to use for my concept art.


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