CS – CA 80’s inspired videos – 22nd Nov 15

While looking for anything that was sort of like Neo Tokyo I found these two videos on Vimeo that I thought were really cool looking. One is an advert for the Ministry of Sound 80s album and the other is just a project Florian Renner. I particularly liked Florian’s piece because it’s like a combination of the things I’ve been looking at for inspiration.

This one is the advert made by Paul Clements. I thought this was well made I liked the colours of this of this one and after I watched the breakdown of it I was really amazed by it.

Breakdown of the advert

Below are some screenshots from the videos. These are my favourite parts from both of them, mainly because of the colours and also because of the angles of things which I hope will help me a bit when it comes to drawing out the buildings for my art.

These videos are just Kpop videos I like and used to help me do my sketches. They may not entirely go with my theme but they have a somewhat 80s feel to them.



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