Creative Strategies – Concept Art Project – 12th Nov 15

I have decided to do Concept Art as my additional project for the rest of this semester. My team consists of Siobhan and I.

We started to get down ideas and things that we want to do it based on. I made a pinterest board too because I felt like it was easier to show what kind of things we want to do.  Pinterest Board:

My original intention was do something based on the old Japanese temple buildings and Korean Palaces but Siobhan suggested something which I can’t remember but it ended up our idea being a Neo Tokyo thing.  In my sketchbook I have the post it’s I wrote on today with everything we’re feeling inspired by.

Below shows some of my original ideas I had in mind on my pinterest board:


When Siobhan mentioned the whole Neo Tokyo stuff I got really excited for this project because of the music video EXO released (below) I’m into that kind of thing at the moment. I took some screenshots from the Music Video that were things I liked about it;

Some the things I thought about for this were the obvious like Akira, Ghost in the Shell and 80’s things. I actually haven’t watched Akira before so I went home and watched it along with Ghost in the Shell and I sort of thought that Ghost in the Shell isn’t really as relevant while Akira is more what we’re going for. I found a video on youtube which basically has all the parts relevant to our idea which was really useful.

I done a few sketches too based on the ideas I have:

Siobhan also has a pinterest board with her ideas for this project!



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