Short Animation Reflection

At the start I found it hard to come up with stories, I could come up with characters but not stories so I guess this is something I need to have a read about I did read the  Ideas for the Animated Short: Finding and Building Stories book last year, but I think I should have reread it this year to help me so I’m more useful to my teams. I also need to learn how to do animatics again, I was meant to do it but I didn’t have the software Kerry did so she done it instead.

I’m quite happy with my background I made and I tried my best to follow the feedback I was given for it when my team asked for advice on it. I think if I planned it out more it could have been a bit better but I still like it anyway. I learnt from this that I need to really research things more and try to not copy others too much.

I didn’t get to do much animating because we were animating on one computer so the characters would always stay in the same place instead of us animating and the characters being in all different places. I hope I can maybe work on animating more because I find it ok to do compared to some of the other things we do in maya.

Overall this project went better for me than the one last year. I feel like this group was much easier for me to get on with and get some more things done. I was able to do things I liked and I had a go at some new things, UV mapping and texturing. I still feel like I haven’t worked hard enough though which is my fault for feeling a bit unmotivated at times. I didn’t get to read the books and I never got round to trying out all of the fixed versions of the Maya problems we done but I think i’ll be looking over those later in the semester so I can learn how to do things like lighting because I still don’t really know how to it that well.


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