Creative Strategies – New background – 24th Oct 15

So I really didn’t like how I basically copied the background from Rollin Safari as I previously mentioned so i’m doing more research into Savannah backgrounds and similar areas to try and make mine more original.  I started to cut and paste parts I already had to change up the scene and make it different. They aren’t cleaned up, they’re still quite messy but it’s just to get an idea of what to do with the background, which one will suit it best.  So below is just a few examples of what I came up with, with the original background;


I made a pinterest board to get together a bunch of African Savanna images that I think might help me create a better background. I’m a bit late to doing this research, I probably should have done this a while ago and it was silly of me not to think of this. I’ll continue to update it with any more inspiration.


Link to my board:

While searching around I found this really nice piece of 3D work by Stephen Ross on Vimeo;

I also done some super quick sketches in my sketchbook to get out any ideas I have before I start to make some cleaned up sketches:

sketch sketchh


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