Creative Strategies – Fixing up Background and doing some animation – 30th Oct 15

Kerry asked the Animation Belfast group for more feedback on the Animation so far based on this rendered still.  She also got some more advice from Mike. 12194148_10208017553343835_1895159424_o feedback

Mike’s Advice for the background:

  • Lower left bush not needed
  • Middle tree not needed
  • Lower focus on on mountain (blur)
  • Place distant grouping of trees in front of mountain
  • Fix Converging lines

So based on this advice I was given I fixed up the background. I didn’t worry about the bottom of the image too much because you don’t see it in our animation. Kerry also asked for me to add in some grassy stuff in the background too so I copied the stuff from the front and changed the size of it, put it at the back.


The one below is adjusted again so that the mountain is lighter and I fixed up the blur at the back so the mountain isn’t a weird shape. newbackground30th

As well as fixing up the background I done a little bit of animation which Kerry helped me with. I animated a bit and she fixed it up so it looked better. Below is the 3 playblasts I got for the bit I animated;

Kerry added in the ears moving as Maurice moved forward and eyes the blinking. I had a go at adding in the blinking too. I made his head follow Carlos jumping up for the leaf because I thought it would be good to have him move with Carlos.

While I was animating, Matthew was working on the panning down the necks for the credits which you can see here:


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