Creative Strategies – Tree Modelling – 21st Oct 15

After I finished the background drawing I started to work on modelling the leaf area of the tree. So below is my multiple attempts at modelling:

attempt1 attempt2 attempt3

I don’t really know if it’s actually any good or not because I’m not sure if I started off with the right polygon or if my topology is any good.

I then moved on to texturing it. I got help from Kerry for the UV mapping part of it. I then went into photoshop and tried out multiple different ways of making the texture.

UVmapLeaves02 UVmapLeaves03 UVmapLeaves07 UVmapLeaves08 UVmapLeaves09 UVmapLeaves10 UVmapLeaves11

These screenshots show my textures on the trees in maya and what they actually look like.

21 22


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