Creative Strategies – Presentation and Animation Problems – 22nd Oct 15

This week we presented to the final years and got some feedback from them.

Our presentation:

They commented on the seams of the textures on the giraffes and how they’re noticeable and the background art needs to be angled a bit better and to also consider the lighting because of the trees and how i’ve shaded them.

Later on in the day we done animation problems in the afternoon. I found these a bit easier than the previous lot of maya problems we’ve been doing but I still did struggle with it because I don’t really know things at times. I’m still not really feeling any better about maya. So i’ll be looking up the notes on how to do them later on.

Screenshots and playblasts of the animation problems I tried.

Graph Editor Problem – I adjusted it by using the handles on each point. Although I later found out I could have just deleted the key frames in between.Β 


Inbetween Exercise – I’m not sure if i’ve done this one right but I attempted it with some help from the people at my table.

Arc Exercise – I think I done this one right, well I hope I have.Β 

Moving Hold – I don’t know if this one is right but I had a go anyway. I have two versions but I don’t know if they’re much different.Β 

Putting it all together- I had a go at this but I didn’t realise the twisted arm bit so maybe i’ll go back and fix it.


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