Creative Strategies – Presentation and Rigging Problems – 15th Oct 15

Link to our presentation:

The feedback from the presentation:

  • Work on the opening scene
  • Tree – have less leaves
  • Longer fight scene
  • Fighting as the credits go down

Final Animatic – 

We also had a go at modelling one of the bouys from the previous week that we got photos of. I ended up using a photo that Alec took because mine didn’t come out so well.


Later on in the afternoon we done some rigging problems. I didn’t really understand this because I’ve never done rigging proper before so I kind of didn’t really do much. I spent most of the time looking on google for help and watching some tutorials.  I’ll have to have a go at them later when the notes on how to fix them is up. Below is just an image of the first 3 that I had a go at. But I did get a lot of help to do these because I didn’t really know how to do them even the simplest one (1st one on the left).






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