Creative Strategies – Eye Tutorial (part 2) – 19th/20th Oct 15

This time was more successful I was able to follow the tutorial fine and not have any mistakes.  It was still difficult because I had to work out where things where in the Maya 2016. But I kind of liked doing the texture part. The guy in the tutorial used high quality stock images but I decided to make my own instead so I wouldn’t have to deal with copyright issues.

The images below show the layout of my eye and the last two shows the test texture I made to make sure the UV map I created worked ok with the actual model.

11 1215 EyeuVs

The better texture for the iris was made by looking at images of eyes close up.  I specifically used the image below, which I got from this website: TW_HumanEyes14_670

This is my Iris I made in photoshop, I tried to use similar colours for this one just to see if it would turn out ok and look somewhat realistic.iriscolour_3

These images show the texture on my iris and what it’s like with the eyeball as well. I think it came out ok I quite like it so far.

1816 eye17

These are the three different colours I made for the team to choose from to use on the giraffes. In the end I never finished the tutorial because I couldn’t find things within Maya 2016 and I started to get confused but Kerry said that they’ll do so I’m leaving them like this.  I was going to attempt the bump map section of the tutorial in part 3, but this was where I got confused.

eye coloursiriscolour_5


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