Creative Strategies – Character Designs and Change of Story – 12th Oct 15

Today we came up with character designs based on the photos we took at the zoo and research on the internet.  We mainly looked at the designs of Melman by Craig Kellman. (Shown below) 


Image sources: /

This is just some of my sketches I came up with based on an idea that Aisling had were there is going to be a boy and a girl giraffe. While Kerry designed the short neck giraffe, Aisling worked on the boy one and I did the girl. Below is just one page from my sketchbook I have a few other sketches of giraffe designs in my book where I look at the shape of the whole giraffe I also have a few silly sketches based on giraffes from things such as Animal Crossing and 64 Zoo Lane.


We also started to look at the design our of title and so Aisling was working on that, Matthew also had a look at some designs too.  We quite liked Vasare’s work she a piece with giraffe print on it but I can’t find it as Aisling found it on her lapatop so i’m just linking her portfolio so you can get an idea of what her work is like.

We were starting to think about which designs to choose and so we got Mike and Alec to help us with this. When Mike came down he questioned us about our story and how it could have been considered a bit offensive because of the short neck giraffe, how he would look different.  So we started to come up with new ideas for our story…some of the ideas we had:

  • Giraffe couple, girl says “wind yer neck in” and the boy does it and meets up with the shorter neck giraffe which is a girl
  • Having a cow at the bottom rather than a short neck giraffe
  • Giraffes fighting over a branch
  • Giraffes hear a noise and panic
  • Two taller giraffes debating over which side of the family the short giraffe is from

When then made long images sort to help us with how the camera’s going to down and what’s going to be in the certain parts of our scene.  Example below:


I found this post on facebook which shows some expressive drawings of Mushu from Mulan, Mike said we lacked expressive drawings of our characters so I had a look for useful images and came across this. His face shape reminded me of a giraffes so I thought it would be useful to have a look at and have a go at drawing our giraffes with faces similar to these.

yes yes1 yes2 yes3


I also made a pinterest board with a few of the other sources I looked at for designing my giraffes:


Link to the board:

I also found a book called Oh Dear Geoffrey and I found the illustrations to be really pretty so I had a look to see who made them and found out that the person who drew them is called Gemma O’Neill. She has drafts of the book pages and drawings on her website which I thought were pretty useful so I can see how she draws her giraffe. I reall like the way she colours her illustrations it’s really interesting and I think I might have a go at doing something similar with my sketches of giraffes. Examples of her work:Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 23.20.56_9051_5_905  sketch-1_905

Her website: (Also where the images are from, Oh Dear Geoffrey section)


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