Creative Strategies – Trip to the Zoo- 10th Oct 15

Conann suggested for us to visit the zoo so we could see how giraffes do things and get some videos of them to help us when animating our giraffes.  Below  is my footage from the day, it’s not great because i’m not that good at keeping cameras still but I tried to focus on the giraffes eating since our animation is going to have giraffes eating leaves.

(Music from my video is from  Aisling also made this really nice video of us at the zoo for the presentation 

I found the day really useful because we learnt things about giraffes to help us animate them. One of the keepers said that everything giraffes do, looks like they’re doing it in slow motion so we’re keeping that in mind for when we start animating. We found that this really contrasts with the character Melman  from Madagascar; who actually moves about a lot really fast. They also said that giraffes are just cows with long necks which was quite funny.

These are just some of my photos I took of the giraffes, I have photos of a few other animals too but I think these are more important;

IMG_0019IMG_0029IMG_0034IMG_0030 IMG_0031IMG_0042IMG_0016 IMG_0049IMG_0074 IMG_0075IMG_0071

After coming home from the Zoo I looked up giraffe skulls to help with drawing their heads and I found that male and females have slightly different skulls. Female (right) Male (left)

giraffe_F_lat_800 giraffe_M_lat_800

Source of the images:  –

I also made an album on flickr with my other photos from the zoo


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