Creative Strategies – Presentation + Maya Problems – 8th Oct 15

Today we presented our ideas to get feedback on which one to choose. This presentation went much better than Tuesday’s so that made me feel a bit better about presenting again.

Link to our Presentation –

Kerry’s Animatic for our animation

In the afternoon Alec gave us some modelling problems to fix. I found this a little bit difficult since I haven’t done anything maya related for a few months.  I managed to get a few done ok though, but I didn’t have a clue how to do the UV mapping ones though. Alec showed us how to do the UV mapping after we tried out the rest I found this really hard to understand but I hope I can get the hang of it someday when I use Alec notes for fixing them all. Below is just a screenshot of me attempting to do the UV mapping after Alec showed us.


Here’s my attempts for some of the others I done during class:

Hardedgeswithout  unsmoothedsmoothedfixmefixme2fixme3fixme4appendsymmetricl

The rest I didn’t do or I done wrong but didn’t save them. I found these ones to be pretty easy, I did have to ask for some help though when I forgot how to get to certain things. For the ones I didn’t do, i’ll probably do them at a later point with the help of Alec’s notes.

We were then set with the task of getting photos and some sketches of the bouys as we’ll be making them in maya over the next few weeks.  Sadly my pictures didn’t come out that well but I did try.

12071443_10206812989836590_1836061490_n 12071801_10206812986396504_2008167133_n 12092686_10206812987076521_1496566439_n


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