Creative Strategies – Concept Art – 7th Oct 15

I made some concept art for our tree idea based on sketches I have in my sketchbook. I think I spent about over 20 hours on both of them together. I really like the result of them, I’ve been trying to get better at digital art because I sometimes feel like it’s hard to get into so by doing some practice ones  of personal stuff I started to like it more, so I really enjoyed painting these. I used a leaf brush for one because it suited it better and saved me time, I didn’t want to paint in leaves by myself so I tried to bring in the leaf brush without making it look off.

I used an opaque brush to start off with then to do the rest I used a slightly transparent one. The brushes are from someone online but I can’t remember where exactly because I downloaded them during the summer.Tree concept art4 Tree concept artb4-3



Reference image – A photo I took at a park near me 


Reference for the Character in the 2nd image (Kerry’s Character Sketches) 

Link to them:


Gifs Showing my progress of painting


I started some giraffe concept art too based on a sketch in my book, I haven’t finished it yet but I’ll get round to finishing it soon.


Update! I finished the giraffe. It’s not great but I just wanted to get it finished. 



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