Creative Strategies – Intro + Peer Feedback – 1st Oct 15

Today we got a presentation telling us what this semester entails and what we’ll be doing over next few weeks.  After we were divided up and set with two people from another team to get feedback on our animation ideas. Aisling and I were paired up with Dylan and Abigail, we explained both our main ideas (Giraffe with short neck and Tree creature). They both personally liked the giraffe with a short neck over the tree creature idea because they found it funny. Dylan also suggested for us to name the animation “Size Matters”. (I have more notes on this in my sketchbook).

Later on in the day we done this again but another team, this time I was with Kerry and we were talking to Mark and Natalie. We had to ask them these questions that Alec set based on his presentation about short animations;

  • Who’s the character? Who are they? What do they want?
  • What is the conflict/problem?
  • What is the reaction to the conflict?
  • What is the climax?
  • Is it a relatable situation?
  • Is there misdirection/ a plot twist?
  • Can you understand the situation from the first frame/shot?
  • Can the synopsis be described in one sentence?
  • What is the tone/mood?
  • What is the genre?

Mark very kindly recorded our talk with him and Natalie


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