Creative Strategies – Eye tutorial (Part 1) – 19th Oct 15

Kerry asked me to have a go at the eye tutorial Andrew Coyle mentioned in his team’s presentation. [Where I got the tutorial]

The next lot of images will show my progress throughout the tutorial

This shows me creating the eye diagram for the model, I used a photo of my own eye it’s not a great image but it was usable. For some reason I wasn’t able to use the stroke option for creating the circles so I had to use the brush tool and make do with it.


The first image on the left is a side diagram of an eye I found online and the one on the right is my diagram I made.

EyeDiagram1 EyeDiagram2

Source of digram : 

Progress Screenshots of the eye

Everything went ok up until the end of the first tutorial I thought I done something wrong but I actually didn’t (3rd Image). I thought I done something wrong with the topology because of the thicker isoparm but I just hadn’t adjusted the ramp texture colours so that it looked something like the 4th picture.

2 3 4 7

When it came to converting the Iris back into a polygon from a subdiv the divisions on the iris changed. I originally had it at 10 but it changed back to 20 and i’m not able to  fix it up so i’m going to have to restart the iris again.


Start of the new iris. 9

I need to redo the entire tutorial because it doesn’t look like what it did before so i’m going to rewatch the tutorial and try to not mess it up again.




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