Creative Strategies – Digital Concept Art + sketches 1st Oct 15

I made two cleaner versions of my tree creatures which you can see below. Although I prefer my hand drawn ones.  There’s a few mistakes in the 2nd digital one which I’ll probably fix up at some point.


12047375_10206758202426939_1607650977_n (1)12048797_10206757676253785_533415457_n


I found a flower on my way home recently and I really liked the shape of it so I did a quick sketch of it in my book and a quick digital version of it too. I changed it in the digital version though I didn’t like the eyes being there so instead I changed it into a body and added a bit on top to be the head. It’s not really tree related but we were thinking of the tree creature having some kind of friends.

12244074_10206975202331801_2106871599_n sketchfun




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