Week Zero Recap _ 21st Sept – 25th Sept 2015

New Year and a new start. I’m feeling a bit more positive about this year and i’m hoping I can keep my positivity up for the rest of the year!

Week Zero this year was much better than the previous year for me. We were sorted into groups with one final year, three second years and three first years. My team consisted of Aodhan McNicholl (Final Year), Greta Kelly (2nd), Blayne Fitzpatrick (2nd), Sinead McCormack (1st), Dervla Hillan (1st) and Bethnay Maguire (1st).

Our task was to design a “household kinetic scuplture”. In the beginning we just wrote down whatever we could think of onto sticky notes. After this we then narrowed it down to the top four things we wanted our sculpture to have. We also took into account things that we could do within maya since Aodhan wouldn’t be with us the whole time to help.



In the end we decided on a clock that would move in a way that is pleasing to the eye and it would have a light that would help the owner of the clock wake up (based on the Philips wake up alarm clock). The clock would spin every hour.

Research I done:

12087341_10206757540130382_992428194_n 12067104_10206757540250385_1223896729_n 12053281_10206757540210384_1669183350_n 12087409_10206757540170383_1623872540_n

Final Design of Clock face and the full clock:

I took the design Dervla came up with and cleaned it up so we had a more refined version. Blayne then took the new version and used it to model the face of the clock and the hand.


Final Outcome 

 (with sound)




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