Design Discourse 2 – Introduction

Yuan introduced us to what we’ll be doing this semester and what our task for next week is.

We have to do a Pecha Kucha with a team of four people for next week based on an article from the SIGGRAPH papers. We have to choose one article we would like to do the Pecha Kucha

My team consists of Blayne, Pete and Matthew. We are doing our Pecha Kucha on “Animating Human Dressing”.

Yuan also showed us some useful videos on how to make and present a Pecha Kucha.

We also got into our teams for the presentations that’ll we be doing on each topic for this semester. I’ll be doing Gender, Sexuality and Race in animation. My team consists of Sorcha and Aisling.  This is what our presentation should look at “How do you understand gender, sexuality and race issues in term of film? Give three animated-film examples that reflect gender, sexuality or race. Briefly analyze how those animated films represent those issues in their characters.” 


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