Creative Strategies – 30th Sept 15 – Team meeting

The previous night I searched for more forest creatures from various things such as Zelda, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings and Studio Ghibli films.


Sources: / /

While searching I found this old concept art of Groot which I thought was pretty interesting.

GOTG-art-6 GOTG-art-7


I took a few photos from my Hyrule Historia book of charactcer designs I really liked from the Zelda games. My favourite has to be the Kikwi.12080848_10206758186826549_424809382_n12047518_10206758186906551_425874875_n 12068041_10206758186746547_1968208022_n

In the morning before getting the bus I took a short walk around the park near me to get some more inspiration for a possible tree creature/forest spirit. Below is just couple of the photos I took;

12047438_10206758149905626_144712239_n 12047551_10206758148425589_478935945_n12084192_10206758169946127_1237991324_n 12047770_10206758166666045_1280720481_n

Some sketches 

12047375_10206758202426939_1607650977_n (1)12071414_10206810438692813_1501286326_n12244074_10206975202331801_2106871599_n

With the team

When the whole team got together we started to discuss our ideas and how we don’t really have a proper story for the tree creature so we started to look at what we could do with the giraffe idea. We did get concerned about the tree idea for a few reasons another team had something a bit similar and we didn’t have a story for it. We had a chat with the 3rd years and they all liked the idea of our giraffe. They gave us some ideas for what could happen in the animation.

Afterwards we started to draw some ideas for giraffes:

12167066_10206863864068414_1575239263_n  12170296_10206863864668429_350302919_n12167282_10206863864868434_1078310366_n

While we were sitting in the Hub Conann suggested an idea to us for our giraffe animation. He said that the giraffe could be eating something from the tree and the camera pans down with what it ate, down its neck it then comes back up really fast.

My flickr album with more images from the park that I took as well as photos from the books I looked at:


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