Creative Strategies – 29th Sept 15 – Quick team meeting

Based on the idea of the tree I started to think of other ideas we could do with a forest such as forest spirits like the ones from Princess Mononoke and the Spiderwick Sprites.

I had a go at drawing one that I found on Tony DiTerlizzi‘s blog about the Spiderwick Sprites he drew. I really like his work because of the use of inks to colour his drawings. I also really like designing characters based on plants and nature so seeing these drawings was quite helpful.


I then came up with this piece of art based on our tree creature idea and what the environment would be like. I used markers and watered down black ink to colour this. I only coloured the little tree creature because I was originally going to colour it all but I decided to do it in grey instead.12047497_10206757835897776_543359714_n

We also had the idea of two volcanoes one being small but powerful and the other being large and not so powerful, so this is just a drawing based on this idea.


I also started this drawing which I might do digitally later on


I also started a pinterest board because I really like the tree idea.


Link to my board:


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