Creative Strategies – 28th Sept 2015 – Animation Ideas

Before I met up with my team for the first time I came up with a few ideas of my own in my sketchbook to help me get back into the way of things.  When thinking of things based on the theme of Big and Small, I thought about things like the game Unravel

I thought this was similar to the theme because of the small character Yarny going on a big adventure, this made me think that our character could be something similar. I also thought about other things such as the anime Attack on Titan, I haven’t actually watched it properly but I know the obvious that it involves large titans that attack the people who live instead a city surrounded by walls.

My other ideas included things such as David and Goliath, the Solar System, emotions, acorn turning into a tree and pigs. My ideas don’t really have a story behind them I was just getting down things I had in my head.

Today we put down all our ideas we have for our animation and we had a look at some really inspiring animations that Kerry found. Below is a photo of our board with all our ideas such as a small tree wanting to be tall, a spider that looks large but is actually very small and a whale inside a fish bowl on top of someone’s desk. 12084190_10206757122479941_1145921895_n


(left) Is some of my ideas from the day

While coming up with our ideas I noticed how we liked the idea of having an animal related animation, we thought about the animation having a meaningful message behind it. We had four ideas that we particularly liked the idea of a small tree creature, wee neck (giraffe with a small neck), whale in a fish bowl and the scary but small spider.

Below is a little tree character I designed while we were talking about our ideas.


Our team really liked the idea of compositing the tree creature into real life footage of a forest area. We were inspired by the Gloam animation by David Elwell & Gareth Hughes. (below).

I took some notes during our ideation process today sort of to get an idea of the main things we liked about certain ideas and such:



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