Self evaluation for semester two

Compared to the previous semester I found this one much harder. Not the work side of it just trying to get myself motivated. I lost a lot motivation because I wasn’t feeling happy about being in the course and I feel like it’s affected my work a lot.
I didn’t get everything done to a standard I’d like to be at. I’m a bit disappointed because I know I probably haven’t put in the effort I did last semester.

I also found that this time round it was harder to work in a team. I hope that next year I can be much better at being in a team. I have all summer to improve both myself and my skills for the course. I hope to continue practicing with maya and all the things I didn’t understand this year so I don’t feel like I’ve let down my team members by not being able to do all the things they do.

Even though this semester didn’t seem as good I still feel like I’ve made some progress. I’m not as bad as I used to be at doing presentations and I’m able to talk to people a little bit more. I’m slowly but surely improving my social skills.

I did learn a lot this semester even though it felt like I didn’t. I feel like I’m getting the hang of modelling except for the head failing because of me moving the vertices separately. I have yet to get the hang of animating and timing that’s definitely something I need to get better at because I don’t mind it that much. I also feel much more comfortable with going to library too and it’s become a lot of help the past while in getting me motivated to do something even if it’s not directly related to the class work.

Overall this semester to me was not as good as I planned but there was some good things about it so I’m glad about that.


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