Learning things about Maya – 22nd April 15

After feeling pretty useless for the group since I don’t quite get Maya yet, I looked up the Maya Learning Channel so I could learn some of the things they were doing. 

Although doing this probably isn’t very helpful towards the group but I feel like I need to learn these things. 

With the cooker Model I created for the kitchen I decided to play about with the shaders. While I was doing this I did run into some issues such as the handle on the bottom not showing the materials and the top cylinders not showing in the rendered view. To fix these I found that there was another handle on top of of one so I deleted one and replaced the material. To fix the cylinders I just made them larger.

Screenshot of the materials


This is just some rendered images of it.


360 View Playblast 

The video I used to get information on this – 


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