Head Modelling Part Two

After struggling to get myself to do this task I decided that it was time to really read into how to do it from the website that we were shown at the beginning. 



I made notes in my sketchbook because this was the best way for me to get this into my head about how to do it and what to do to get started. 

So I got together my photos of Oisin and I lined them up so that they would match and so I wouldn’t run into the problem that I had in my previous failed attempts where the lips didn’t match up. I adjusted the contrast so I could see the “wrinkles” on his face and such. Then I lined up the parts of his face with red lines similar to what they showed in their tutorial. 


This helped me a lot and I didn’t realise how important this is to do. This made things much easier when it came to the actual modelling. 

Afterwards I had a look a go at drawing on a rough topology on top of his face. 

I also had a go at looking at where the muscles would be on his face too.

The images I used to help do these:


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