15 Sec Animation – Third Presentation

Final Playblast Animatic

Presentation – https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NSaMh4tTdaaxk4QN5dKBWutVzAfy2HWiL_8m6kNvk90/edit#slide=id.gad98fdf2f_0_106


  • Keep the animation similar to the concept art Anna created 
  • Work on the P.O.V 
  • Work on the timing 
  • Fix the rigs 
  • Make the toaster have two slots.

I think this feedback was fair but I feel like it’s partially my fault that the animatic wasn’t so great since I was struggling to make a decent animation with my scenes. 

In the afternoon we were given feedback from Mike and this was really helpful because he suggested some new ideas to help the story flow better and what we could do to improve camera angles and such. 

I have some notes in my sketchbook from this.


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