Floating City – My Models – Part four

Titanic Belfast

This one is my favourite just because of the material I put onto it. It took me several attempts to get this one right because the point bothered me a lot. I wanted it to go a certain way but I would forget to fix it before I couldn’t and in the end it wasn’t pointing the right direction but I don’t mind. I think it still looks good for me.

This is my first attempt, as you can see I forgot to raise the points so it’s just flat.

So I restarted again and I ended up messing it up once again

I took a break from modelling it and I started to play about with materials.

I tried to bring in a an image of the texture of Titanic Belfast but that failed since I dont really know much about UV Unwrapping yet.

So I went back to modelling again and this time I was a bit happier with the points on the building. I also added in a anisotropic material and it turned out quite nice. 

I decided to go this one and I had a go at designing a bottom part for it.


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