Floating City – My Models – Part Five

Victoria Square 

This one isn’t as good as the others but we needed something for the shops area so I quickly made a Victoria Square using a map that I found through google. 

The first one I mad was not great at all. It was hard to get the shape of it but I now know of easier ways I could have done this. So that makes me somewhat sad but it’s ok because I learnt a lot about modelling through this one.

The back of this one went weird from the edges I added so I had to try and fix it all. Now when I look back at this I realise a lot of things I could have done to make this much easier for myself.

I didn’t really like this one at all so I restarted it again and fixed the dome so it looks better too.

I found a lot of problems when making this. I would get tris and random edges from me extruding them without realising. 

This is the final one. It’s not super detailed so when you see it with the rest it’s lacking a lot of detail. But it was just something super quick to fill in the spot for the shops area.


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