Floating City – Attempting Concept Art

I’m not good with drawing buildings so this was pretty hard to but I had a go any way.


It’s a work in progress but I thought I’d share how I created it because I found this artist on tumblr who creates artwork by modelling her scene in 3D software and then rendering it out and drawing on top of it. I thought this was an interesting way of doing backgrounds and I really need to try it out when I get better at modelling. But for now what i done was I created a mock up of what our final city will look like and used it to help me create the image above.

I started off with this basic model  and then I started to draw on top of it to see where I would place things. I then went back into it and added more basic models of what we’ll have in the final thing.


I then brought it into photoshop and started to draw on top of it so I could get the perspective right because this was what I struggled with as well as knowing where things will be.


Below is some images which shows Scout’s  process.


Images are sourced from Seoul Military (Scout)’s  tumblr.  http://seoulmilitary.tumblr.com/post/82221889779/someone-on-ask-fm-wanted-to-know-the [accessed Feb 2015]


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