Floating City – Double Sided City

Edward and I had a look at all our post its and we started to really think about the design of our city so we spent a while looking through our pinterest board and thinking about things we’ve seen that are interesting and that we could use to help us design the city.

Edward suggest the Jetsons, where everything actually is floating in the sky and then somehow I thought of the anime movie Patema Inverted. It’s a movie about two people who are different because of how the gravity works for them. One is upright while the other is upside down. The trailer below explains it better.

We took the idea of having a double sided city and we started to think of other things for it. We came up with the idea of the two sides representing certain things about Belfast such as one side representing the serious business side and another being the fun tourist side. We started to think of colours and certain ways we wanted to represent each side with buildings from Belfast.

Below is some of the ideas we put up on a new whiteboard

I started to have a look at New York for inspiration for the business side. I have included photos that my mum and myself took while we were there inside my sketchbook as well as some drawings. 


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