Create a floating City Week 1 Research – Belfast Facts and Figures

While looking for things on Belfast I found this really useful PDF provided by the City Council website. Below I have some screenshots from the PDF;



Below is information from the webpage with the PDF

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. It is located on the north-east coast of the island of Ireland and is part of the UK.
The city has a population of 280,962, and 43.9% are aged 30 or younger. Our working age population (16-64) accounts for 60% of our total population.
Labour costs are 15% lower than the UK average, while labour turnover is less than 8%.
Belfast’s economy is dominated by hi-tech, service sector companies, many of who work on a global basis. Belfast is ranked as the UK’s second most attractive city (after London) for foreign direct investment, particularly in the technology and financial services sectors (Source: Belfast Telegraph, 1 February 2011).
Allen and Overy and Dong Energy are examples of recent investors in the city.
Information technology
Belfast has full access to next generation broadband, which is helping to attract a range of development projects in key growth sectors.
We have secured the largest number of software development projects in the UK, outside of London, and were recently award funding to improve our broadband access further as part of the Super-Connected Cities project.
Competitive rental rates
Belfast maintains the most competitive rental rates in the UK and offers a range of new high-quality, purpose-built and fitted out office spaces for new, start-up and growing businesses.
The city is well connected with the rest of the world – it has two airports which are used, on average, by six million people annually.
The port of Belfast is currently the second largest port on the island of Ireland, handling almost 60% of Northern Ireland’s seaborne trade.


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