Ball Animations Updated

I decided to redo the ball animations by paying attention to the diagrams below. I never really properly looked at these and I think it’s time that I did. In the past I would just be guessing everything and trying to work out myself where things went without using anything to help me. I think this was one of my problems when it came to animating balls in the past and animating in general. 


Images from : 

I started off by looking at the key points, 1 7 12 17 21 25 31. 


I then went in and started to look at the squash and stretch of the ball during each frame. 


I also opened up the graph editor to check if the key frames were ok


Playblast I done to see what it’s like so far.

I continued to look at the images and work on it until I got them all done roughly. The video below is a playblast of the full animation so far

Afterwards I slowed it down by extending the frames to 62 rather than 31 so I could see it better and find mistakes and problems with it. I found that there was some problems with the posing and that I need to exaggerate the poses more. 

I tried to fix it up a bit more and this was the final outcome.

I think I still need to work on it because it still doesn’t look right to me but it’s a bit better than the ones I done at the start of this semester.


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