Imaging and Data Visualisation – Intro – 30th Jan 15

Today we were given a short introduction into what we’d be looking at this semester in this module. It’s a lot of technical things and I hope I can manage…after Conann talking about how many bits there are in a byte etc I knew I had to look this up because I haven’t a clue about it. 

He also talked about the difference between Copy and Instance, how knowing the difference between these two can save a lot of time while rendering animations. 

Conan also showed us three videos which were very useful as they showed us different ways in which information can be shown and how animation can be used to show it. I found this interesting because I never thought that Animation could be used for such things. – Hans Rosling : The best stats you’ve ever seen : David McCandless

We have been given the task of creating a floating building which accommodates all the people within the Greater Belfast Area based on the information we can gather. It has to suit everyone from this area. My team for this consists of Edward, Andrew and Paul. 

For this week we decided to spend our time doing research and finding things through the internet and putting them into a pinterest board that Edward made. I also made one too.

We decided as a group that we wanted to maybe try and incorporate famous things from Belfast within our city but we know that this idea could change as we find things throughout our time researching. We also said for each member to have at least 50 ideas on sticky notes at some point in the future after we finish off the project for New Narratives.

Some ideas that we had once we were told about the project included the Axiom from Wall-e and the floating city in Bioshock.

I also set up a facebook group for us to put in ideas and things…

Pinterest board Edward set up


Facebook group I made


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