New Narratives – Driving Miss Daisy Evaluation and presentation – 19th Feb 2015

As a team I don’t think we worked too well together. It was hard to get everything we wanted to do, done. Sorcha and I mainly worked on the project and I wish we had the other team members to help more but they were not able to due to their own reasons. We did try our best to all meet up together though. When they were with us they did help Siobhan helped to get the drawing for the schematic done and she worked on the presentation too which was good because Sorcha and I panicked about that.Β 

Our presentation wasn’t very good because we left it to the end, we worried about having nothing to show for the Schematic and Artefact. We put more effort into those than the actual presentation. We didn’t get to practice it either so it was all done on the spot and we forgot about our timing. Sorcha and I had several late nights in the University and I don’t think this helped when we were presenting. However, I have learnt from this experience and I now know how important it is to get everyone in so we can all agree on a plan and work through that plan. I did try my best to update the rest of the team when they came in so they would know what’s happening and what they can do.

I think I need to learn how to get better with people although I feel that being in the group with Sorcha, Siobhan and Matthew helped me get better at making friends. I felt that I was able to get a bit more confidence through this group and when it came to presenting I didn’t worry about it as much. Although I need to work looking at the audience, that part I have yet to get over. I also need to work on being a bit more encouraging for the team, I don’t think I did enough to help the others get more motivated to help us.Β 


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