New Narratives- Driving Miss Daisy – 17th Feb 2015

When the glue and ink had finally dried it cracked and split apart in some areas so I decided to stitch it up with the wool we covered in food colouring. This was quite hard in the beginning because when I poked a hole through it, it cracked even more. So I came up with the solution of soaking the glue and ink in water to soften it. By doing this I was able to stitch the piece together much better and it turned out well. 

Below is just an image of the piece on the wall when I was working on it, I found it much easier to stitch together when it was on the wall. 


This image below is the piece horizontally in the position we want it to be. Originally it was meant to go from the red side to the darker side but we quite liked the darker side more because it suited our idea of it coming from Miss Daisy’s head. As well as this we noticed how the main stitches on the piece matched up with key events within our new narrative so we use these as way of dividing up the story. 

We were considering on dividing up the piece into 3 sections to represent the 3 Acts but the glue cracked too much and I had to stitch up more than expected.


This is just a collection of close ups of the stitching that I did on the glue and ink piece. I thought the stitching was quite interesting to add to the piece, it sort of gave it a creepier feel and tied in with the horror theme well. Sometimes it reminded me of skin.


As well as stitching up the schematic Sorcha and I drew out a rough outline of Miss Daisy’s head for me to paint to add on to the schematic like the sketch below.

This image shows me working out how to blend the two pieces together.


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