New Narratives – Driving Miss Daisy – 15th Feb 2015

Today we started to discuss what we wanted out schematic to be about. We went through all the characters within the the film that stood out to us and decided on choosing Florine. We chose Florine because of the little amount of screen time that she had and we wanted to tell her story since we never get to see her a lot. 

We wanted to make the film more exciting and so we decided to go with a horror theme. We wanted to twist the story a bit and explain the reasons as to why Miss Daisy wasn’t keen on her son Boolie’s wife, Florine. 

We came up with a lot of ideas and we knew we were going a bit too extreme with them. We were a bit worried about them being somewhat racist so we tried to keep away from things that could have been too risky. 

We did have a look into the K.K.K as well as the Black Civil Rights group, the Black Panthers. I didn’t actually know about the Black Panthers until Matthew suggested it. This was quite interesting to read about because I was learning a bit about the History of Americans who were discriminated against. 


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