New Narratives – Applying Vogler’s theory to the Narrative – 16th Feb 2015

I suggested for us to point out where the parts of the Hero’s Journey apply to our narrative to help us make sure we got the Narrative right. To do this we used sticky notes and placed them in the areas above our narrative where we thought they belonged. This is shown below in the image of the wall.

The Hero’s Journey 

Ordinary World – Married to Boolie, an ordinary peaceful life.

Call to Adventure – Meeting with Charles Manson

Refusal of the call – Going on a trip with her Husband to the horses.

Crossing the Threshold – Becoming an accomplice of Charles Manson

Tests, Allies and Enemies – When she tries to kill Miss Daisy but the plan is ruined by Idella who witnesses her poisoning the canned salmon. Hoke is told about this and he replaces the salmon. Boolie also finds out about Florine joining the Manson family and he continues to support her.

Approach the inmost cave –  Miss Daisy is suspicious of Florine’s actions, she finds out that Florine and Boolie have been using her house while she is away. Florine then decides that she wants to get revenge on Idella for telling Hoke so she plans to kill her.

Ordeal – Florine discovers that she can manipulate Miss Daisy’s denial and make her suppress her memories when she is discovered committing murder in the garden of Miss Daisy’s house.

Reward – Florine, Boolie and the Manson Family act freely in and around miss Daisy’s house with discretion, unlikely to be caught.

Road back – The police track down a case of multiple murders to the house after chasing up cold cases.  The condemning evidence unveils Florine’s actions and atrocities.

Resurrection – Boolie confesses to the Murders to protect his wife, shouldering all the blame.  He is arrested and testifies that Florine knew nothing.

Elixir – Florine walks away free, becoming an influential republican politician and using the media attention garnered by her husband to further her campaign.

Archetypes of the Characters

Florine to  Boolie

Boolie to Florine

Miss Daisy to Boolie
Threshold guardian

Boolie to Miss Daisy

Florine to Miss Daisy
Enemy  and shadow

Miss Daisy to Florine
Herald and enemy

Idella to Miss Daisy

Idella to Boolie
Threshold Guardian

Boolie to Idella


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