Getting ideas out – New Narratives – 9th Feb 2015


Sorcha and I worked together this day, we hoped people would come and join us but they didn’t, we didn’t want to wait too much longer because we knew we didn’t have time to not be doing anything. So we came up ideas of things we wanted to do. The image above is just my post from the Facebook group for the other team members to see. We would have used sticky notes but we couldn’t find any at the time.Β 

The ideas we liked the most was the suitcase because Miss Daisy is travelling a lot and we thought it would represent her journey with Hoke. We had this other idea of creating a short film with an old woman looking through the case of objects we were going to make and collect to represent Miss Daisy piecing together her memories of her and Hoke.Β 

For this day we were to have notes from the film to help with the schematic and the image below is my notes that I took down. The notes consisted of who was in each scene and what they were doing in these scenes.Β 


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