New Narratives – The Writer’s Journey, Vogler,C.

We looked at the chapters Tests, Allies and Enemies, Approach the inmost cave and The Ordeal. Originally we thought we were to read the chapters before this but this was sorted when someone pointed out about a chapter or two consisting of just illustrations.

Tests, Allies and Enemies.

This chapter talked about how the Hero enters a new world and when he enters this new world he will meet allies and enemies along the way. The new world is often much different than the ordinary world, it does not have to be a physical change it can be an emotional change.The new world that the Hero has entered will often have new rules that the Hero must learn quickly with the audience.

As well as during this period the Hero will have his skills tested and improved for The Ordeal. Allies that the Hero makes can also be sidekicks Throughout the process of the trials the Hero can also create a team where each member has their own special skill (Big Hero 6, Sailor Moon). The Hero will also run into enemies who can be the villain or it’s shadow as well as making a rival too. The Rival is often the Hero’s competition in love, business and sport etc. Many heroes will often pass through “Watering holes” and in these places they usually meet allies/enemies. They are often bars and saloons.

Approach to the Inmost Cave.

At this point the Hero has adjusted to the new world and is now on the hunt for the heart of it. The Hero finds a mysterious zone with it’s own Threshold Guardians, agendas and tests. This is known as the approach to the inmost cave and this is where they will face their most difficult challenge yet. The Hero/Heroes will make their final preparations at this point. 

The Ordeal.

This is the deepest chamber of the inmost cave, this is where our Hero will face his most fearsome opponent and greatest challenge yet. This is similar to Zelda and the temples, Link must face several temples and within in each one is the tests and challenges preparing him for the boss at the end of each temple and then for the final boss (Ganondorf). 


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