New Narratives – Presentation day and Maya – 5th Feb 15

Overall we worked well as team, we had a few minor set backs but we sorted those and managed to get the presentation done on time. It was kind of rushed and I wish I had more motivation to work harder than what I did as I feel that the presentation lacks a lot. I enjoyed working with my team and I hope we can work even better and get everyone to put in more effort. For only having finished the presentation early in the morning, I feel like Siobhan presented it well and I think we’re happy with it even though we forgot to start the bibliography. 
Today we listened to everyone’s presentations and most people performed really well when presenting. Some were really enthusiastic about their presentations and they made it much more interesting to listen to. The notes for everyone’s presentations will be in my sketchbook.

Yuan – New Narratives 

List of the videos mentioned in her lecture. Notes are in my sketchbook. 

film art+ filmmaking

ways in which audiences use films – fade in/out

low/ high angle

cutting on action

implicit + explicit 

New task for 2 weeks time

create two artefacts capturing Driving Miss Daisy 

– Schematic illustrating the on and off screen timelines and narratives of all the main characters

– an artefact 


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