New Narratives – Intro – 29th Jan 15

After a long wait we’re finally back and we found out some of the marks for our work. Overall I am relatively happy with my marks but I know that I could have done so much better in the essay. If I didn’t lose my motivation and kept focused I probably could have achieved a better mark but it’s pretty good anyway. I’m hoping to try and get myself a bit more motivated this semester, I want to do better than what I did in the previous semester but I know I am still going to struggle with Maya. 

Once the marks were given out we were given a rough idea of what we’ll be working on this semester within New Narratives. It seems like it’s going to be quite an interesting module and I hope I can keep focused. 

Our first task we have been set is to create a presentation based on the book The Writer’s Journey, Christopher Vogler. We each get three chapters to read and present to the class next week. 

Once Lunch was finished Conann introduced us to Maya again and set us with the task of animating 3 balls and Jonas. Conann made animating in Maya seem so much more easier and a lot less effort. I just hope I manage to get them done ok. Conann showed us how to parent and make an animation this way.

 When I got home I set up a group page on facebook for my group and I to discuss the presentation and share notes. 

I came up with a plan for the group so we could get everything done on time as you can see in the screenshot below.


Everyone was happy enough to go with this plan so we will hopefully stick to it and get everything completed on time. I also had the idea of us having a meet up in a coffee place just to get out of the room and to make it more fun for us. 


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