Ball Animation and Rigging – 4th February 15

We were set with the task of animating 3 balls; Happy, sad and angry. But this time we also had to have a go at rigging them. 

I had a lot of trouble with the rigging of the ball…i kept trying it over and over again until I was able to get help from Sorcha and Edward. I have about 10 different rigs saved because I was having such a hard time with getting it right so I kept restarting over and over again.

Below is some images and videos of my rigs I had. 

Rig 1 

Rig 2 

Rig 3

This rig was made with the instructions that Sorcha sent me, it was better but it took me several goes to get it right. 

Rig 3

This rig was the one that Edward helped me to make and it worked better than the rest that I had.


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