Self Evaluation for Semester One

At the beginning of this course I had many doubts in my mind, even last year in Foundation I did when I was debating between Animation and Printmaking. I’m not much of an animator and I know very little about it so I panicked that I wouldn’t do so well compared to everyone else. Week Zero helped to ease this worry a bit with how we worked in teams and how not everyone knew about animation.

My biggest concern was the presentations, after last year’s presentation in Foundation I was more terrified of them than before but this soon disappeared after I got used to having to presentations every Monday. This would have to be my biggest achievement in life so far, I can now stand up in class and give presentations. I may not be prefect yet but I am much better than before.

When we got stuck into the proper work I was happy because it was much more fun than I thought it would be. I was able to draw a lot more than I expected and I loved the fact that we had life drawing each week (although I wish we got to do it more, maybe someday I’ll attend the late night classes). I also didn’t have to worry about being clueless about animating since we were taught this on Tuesdays. However, when it comes to Maya I am still not great at it so I’m a bit put off it for now. I don’t think I put in as much effort as I should have but I can work on this over the breaks we have and during summer. Have to get much better at it! Especially learning how to use the dope sheet and graph editor as well as modeling.

During this semester I have also learnt about how important it is to stay on top of work, I wish I had so much more in my sketchbooks and on the blog as well reading more books. I lost my motivation a lot due to myself feeling like I wasn’t in the right course and through getting depressed frequently. I tried my best to ignore this but at times it was pretty difficult and I let down some of my teams. I also want to be able to do the work when I get it instead of leaving the research until the end when I have other things to be doing. For the next semester I hope I can work better and be a better team member.  


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