The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness – Mami Sunada 2013

The documentary follows Miyazaki from the beginning of the progress of The Wind Rises right up until it’s completion and Miyazaki’s announcement of his retirement. 

It was really good to watch not only because you got see how things were done in the studio but also because you got to know a bit more about Miyzaki as a person, the history behind the Studio. 

Working in the Studio seemed like it was a good place to be, one female employee said it was like a school rather than a work place. However, even though this was said, it was still a difficult place to be as Miyazaki was always determined to complete things on time and as another employee said, even some of the most talented people left because they couldn’t keep up with his expectations. I took down a lot more notes in a notebook which I will put into my sketchbook for future reference. Although there is not much talking in the film, I think it’s good because in a lot of the scenes you see Miyazaki just working away.

Overall, it’s a good documentary to watch especially if you love Studio Ghibli, you get to learn new things that you didn’t even know about the Studio.

The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness – Mami Sunada 2013


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